UFO Tours requires at least 50% clear sky. To ensure you get your tour in book for the first night you are in Sedona. That way if its cloudy or raining we can forward your reservation to each following night. You will need a car to follow guide out to UFO location. If it is star gazing of interest you will be amazed at the million more stars that can be seen with the night vision goggles!

Sedona Vortex and UFO Tours will meet at Plaza West Mall in parking lot located 2155 St RT 89A at mile marker 372. Your Guide will be in the parking lot with a psychic vortex magnet on the car or for UFO there will be a lantern of roof of car so easy to find your guide.

UFO tours and Ghost tours begins after sunset and that time changes monthly so Please call by NOON the day of UFO tour or Ghost tour for the time we meet at night….513-680-8810….Anita

Please note there are NO BATHROOMS on any of our tours they are all outside and we meet in a parking lot so PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Payment for all tours are PAID ON ARRIVAL…Our guides truly appreciate tips so Thank you in advanced for tips!!!

By reserving and paying for your tour you are opting in and agreeing to releasing Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours and all of our guides from all liability of any injury. You are responsible for your own safety.

Thank you for choosing Sedona UFO and Vortex tours on your red rock adventure!!!

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